Why Online Math Tutor

Mr Reddy believes in making each child capable of solving maths problems themselves and so he explains each concept thoroughly which makes children understand the basics of the problem which in turn enables them to solve even most difficult questions out of the text.


We provide one to one as well group coaching for IB math’s. We also have specialized one to one online math’s coaching for IB Students

Research studies have consistently shown that children who excel at math are more proficient in other fields of life compared to their peers. Unfortunately our education system does not take into account the needs of every students and as a result some students are labelled as brilliant while others are termed as being weak in math’s.

We believe that every child can excel in IB math’s with practice and efforts and hence work towards developing a love for the subject


We work towards making all children self-sufficient and great at IB Math’s. With combined efforts from teacher and children, all our students fall in love with math’s

Our teaching module covers every aspect of the IB math’s curriculum. We help children to develop a mental aptitude for Math’s which enables them to think out of box solutions for all the problems. So look no further and Book your seat for IB math’s tuition with us now.